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A series of author readings, discussion panels, and workshops designed to introduce, promote and support outstanding queer genre fiction and related enterprises.

IQARUS Book Con is run by writers who want to showcase the amazing content our community has to offer.

We pledge to build an event that allows our participants to build wings and fly high. This is for fans of all ages, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and orientations in a safe, supported community.


Who we are.

M.A. Hinkle (she/her)author photo of ma hinkle swears a lot and makes jokes at inappropriate times, so she writes about characters who do the same thing. She’s also worked as an editor and proofreader for the last eight years, critiquing everything from graduate school applications to romance novels. She has three published books in her Cherrywood Grove series, Death of a Bachelor, Diamond Heart, and The Weight of Living.


J.P. Jackson (he/him) photo of author jp jackson is an award winning author of dark urban fantasy, paranormal, and horror stories, but regardless of the genre they always feature LGBTQ+ main characters. J.P. works as an IT analyst in health care during the day, where if cornered he’d confess to casting spells to ensure clinicians actually use the electronic medical charting system he configures and implements. At night, the writing happens, where demons, witches and shape shifters congregate around the kitchen table and general chaos ensues. His husband of 22 years has very firmly put his foot down on any further wraith summonings. Ghosts appear at the most inopportune times, and the Fae are known for regular visits where a glass of wine is exchanged for a good ole story or two. Canela and Jalisco, the two Chihuahuas, are in cahoots with any spell casting. Website here.

Ava Kelly (they/them)author photo of ava kelly is an engineer with a deep passion for stories. Whether reading, watching, or writing them, Ava has always been surrounded by tales of all genres. Their goal is to bring more stories into the world, especially those of friendship and compassion, those dedicated to trope subversion, those that give the void a voice, and those that spawn worlds of their own. Long ago, Ava has begun the trek through the artworld with photography, the cello, and poetry. In another artlife—because what is engineering if not creation—Ava is tinkering with artificial intelligence, robots, and all sorts of systems, but that is nothing compared to the challenge of foodmaking. Currently, Ava enjoys experimenting with recipes, with about half successes. And half worksinprogress—insert wise wink here. As in, we are all journeys, not destinations. Website here.

Kevin Klehr (he/him) author photo of kevin klehr pens tall tales of mystical ocean voyagers, of actors and angels in the Afterlife, and of a dystopian city addicted to social media. His first novel, Drama Queens with Love Scenes, spawned a secondary character named Guy. Many readers argue that Guy, the insecure gay angel, is the star of the Actors and Angels book series. His popularity surprised the author, so much so, Guy had to be added to the almost completed sequel. The third in this series, Drama Queens and Devilish Schemes, scored a Rainbow Award for Best Gay Alternative Universe/Reality novel. So, with his fictional guardian angel guiding him, Kevin continues to bring more whimsical tales of love, life and friendship to his readers. Website here.

M.D. Neu (he/him) author photo of MD NeuWhen M.D. Neu and his husband aren’t off playing at Disney, Neu is an award winning inclusive queer author who writes epic Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Paranormal stories that reflect our diverse community. When not hanging with Mickey Mouse and the gang, Neu works for a non-profit trying to save the world one report at a time. Oh, and he also bakes! Website here.


Glenn Quigley (he/him) author photo of glenn quigleyRocketed to Earth as an infant, he crashed into a cornfield and was found by two kindly…wait. No. That’s Superman. Sorry. Glenn is an author and artist originally from Dublin and now living in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, where he designs for www.themoodybear.com. When not writing or designing, he tries to improve his portraiture skills. Website here.


Gillian St. Kevern (she/her)author photo of gillian st kevern I realised I wanted to be an author when, as a teenager, I found myself getting annoyed that the characters in the books I read weren’t doing what I wanted them to do. Now that I’m a writer, they still don’t. I write a variety of genres, ranging from short and silly contemporary romances to urban fantasy and mystery. My current project is the Read by Candlelight series of gothic romances inspired by the works of M R James, J S Le Fanu and the Brontë sisters. Website here.

Valentine Wheeler (she/her)author photo of valentine wheeler lives outside Boston with her spouse and child and spends her days chasing mail carriers and citing obscure postal regulations. She goes by Lis in public and her life’s ambition is to eat the food of every country. Find her on twitter or goodreads and her work at Ninestar Press and the Future Fire. She also serves as Fiction Editor and Logistics Manager for Wizards in Space Literary Magazine, as Logistics Wizard and Managing Editor for Mermaids Monthly, and as a slushreader for various genre publications.