The full IQARUS Book Con agenda is here. The IQARUS Book Con works on two parallel streams. Stream A is reader/fan focused, while Stream B is author/writer focused.

To watch the reading sessions, follow the links provided under each description. The readings are broadcast live on YouTube. To ask questions, use the chat next to the video (please note you must be logged into YouTube to use the chat).

Accessibility note: automated closed captions will be available for each stream 24 hours after the stream has ended (at this moment, live captioning has not yet been implemented across all channels).

16:00 UTC – What time is this for me?

IQARUS Book Con Opening Event

Watch the opening ceremony here!

18:00 UTC – What time is this for me?

Reading A1: Not your Typical Fantasy, hosted by J.P. Jackson | We all know what to expect from a Tolkien type fantasy. Different humanoid races, political strife, magic use and monsters… but what about all the other types of Fantasy? Fantasy has morphed into many subgenres. So then, what is Dark Urban, Dystopian, Dreampunk, and Paranormal Fantasy. Come join us and hear some of today’s most talented authors read from their “fantasy” works that go well beyond the realm of Tolkienism.

Guests: J.P. Jackson, Dorian Graves, Alex Harrow, Dez Schwartz

Watch Reading A1 here!

20:00 UTC – What time is this for me?

Reading A2: Science Fiction and Fantasy, hosted by M.D. Neu | Come and check out our authors and their current Science Fiction and Fantasy stories. This is your opportunity to hear from some great authors who write Sci-Fi and Fantasy. After the reading there will be a Q&A with the authors.

Guests: M.D. Neu, Ava Kelly, E.D.E. Bell, Sera Trevor

Watch Reading A2 here!

Reading B1: The Queer Character Doesn’t Die in the End: Queer Horror, hosted by J.P. Jackson | Within the Horror genre, we’re all familiar with the concept of “The Final Girl”, the main character who survives the tale and lives to tell the tale. With “Bury Your Gays” a trope we’re desperately trying to steer away from, how do we write creepy, fear-instilled stories while still appropriately representing the LGBTQIA+ community? Everyone these days is looking for a positive outlook for our queer characters and avoiding the “Bury Your Gays” scenario. Can we adequately achieve this in the Horror genre? Come sit with us as we hear our Horror authors read snippets of their horror fiction where the surviving character is “The Final Queer”.

Guests: Gillian St. Kevern, Rick R. Reed, Damian Serbu, Christian Baines, J.P. Jackson

Watch Reading B1 here!

21:00 UTC – What time is this for me?

Reading A3: Modern Works set in Modern Times: Contemporary, hosted by M.D. Neu | A set of wonderful authors sharing their contemporary works. It’s a mixed bad filled with wonderful stories set in our contemporary world. After the reading there will be a Q&A with the authors.

Guests: Hans M Hirschi, Rick R. Reed, Kevin Klehr, Petrina Binney

Watch Reading A3 here!

23:00 UTC – What time is this for me?

Reading A4: Romance, Part I, hosted by Kevin Klehr | A sultry night. Frantic heart palpitations before that forbidden rendezvous. And a touch as addictive as the Romance novel you cannot put down. Our authors are ready to share their tales of queer love, just for you.

Guests: Jamie Sands, KJ, Kevin Klehr, Kara Ripley (Rebecca Langham’s alter ego)

Watch Reading A4 here!

01:00 UTC – What time is this for me?

Reading A5: Romance, Part II, hosted by M.D. Neu | Get cozy and prepare for all the feels as some of the best queer romance authors in the business read from their works. After the readings, there will be a brief Q&A with the authors. 

Guests: Ada Maria Soto, R.L. Merrill, Erica Cameron

Watch Reading A5 here!

Reading B2: Queer Contemporary: A Little bit of Everything, hosted by Kevin Klehr | Life is complex. The modern world throws us challenges unique to our time. Join us as authors complicate their characters’ lives beyond our mundane first world problems.

Guests: Liz Fariam, Nigel Bartlett, Valentine Wheeler, Gar McVey-Russell

Watch Reading B2 here!

2:00-2:30 UTC – What time is this for me?

IQARUS Closing Event

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