Scavenger Hunt

Welcome, everyone!

This is the Scavenger Hunt of the IQARUS Book Con. The prizes are for both authors and readers. To participate in the Hunt, you need to register here.

Author first prize A free tour from Silver Dagger Book Tours.

Author second prize Three custom marketing graphics of your book for promotion (Including one image with Alix Q. Starr reading the book dressed as a character from the book) by our tireless mascot designer, Glenn Quigley.

Author third prize Book review and promotional blast (Twitter, FB, Goodreads, Instagram) by our demonic colleague, J.P. Jackson. With cross promotion from the event organizers (Ava Kelly, Glenn Quigley, Gillian St. Kevern, M.D. Neu and Kevin Klehr).

Reader prizes Sweet paper and ink: physical books! All the better to sharpen those claws on, no? Or push off the shelves. Or… Oops, the librarian is coming, run! Better yet, fly, as far away as possible. Wait, that’s too far, space is too far. Sigh.

alix in space in a suit with books


This virtual scavenger hunt has 12 steps. Each step requires you to find a LOCATION and a PASSWORD using HINTS hidden somewhere on the IQARUS website, on the IQARUS Discord Server, or on the web pages of our organizing team. The successful completion of each step unlocks the next one.

The Hunt begins 12 hours before the start of IQARUS, at 4:00 UTC – What time is this for me? on May 8th, 2021.

The hunt ends at 2:00 UTC – What time is this for me? on May 9th, 2021 (after the final readings A5/B2). The winners will be announced during the Closing Ceremony. Make sure to reach the finish line before 2:00 UTC.

EXTENDED! For another 24 hours, you have a chance at the 2nd and 3rd author prizes, and the reader prizes!

The Hunt begins on our Discord server. The first instructions will be found in the Scavenger Hunt channel. Use this channel to ask for clarification if you need it. To access the Discord server, you have to register. Please note: registration closes 24 hours before the start of IQARUS Book Con.  It is advisable to register beforehand, so you can access the socialization space on our Discord server.


Have a meownderful day,