Alix Q. Starr Presents IQARUS

graphic with iqarus logo looking like a book opening into a bird and the mascot alix q starr an anthropomorph grey cat

Hey, everyone! I’m Alix Q. Starr, but you can call me the IQARUS Kitten. My pronouns are they/them. I love to curl up and read all kinds of queer books—Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical, Horror & Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, I love it all. That’s why I’m purrfectly delighted to have been raised in the IQARUS family.


That’s right, you don’t know what IQARUS is, do you? Well, IQARUS stands for International Queer Authors and Readers Uniting Stories. We’re new. Our goal is to bring together readers and authors, globally, through a rainbow of queer fiction and laps, and wow! It is great—the fiction, not the laps, but they are good too. Heh.

We have our first international conference coming up on Saturday May 8, 2021 (that will be Sunday May 9, 2021 for those of you in Australia and New Zealand). Mark your calendars!

We have a great day planned, with readings, panel discussions, and social activities. Authors, editors, podcasters, readers, vloggers: there’s something for everyone. .

Learn more about the conference here:

IQARUS is a non-profit event. To support our communities, registration is based on donations to non-profit queer organizations. Detailed information is on the Signup page. Me and my humans—we’re all about helping each other, mutual respect, and the bravery of facing the world.

Like in the ancient tale of Icarus, we want to fly to the stars. However, unlike in Greek mythology, our wings aren’t made of wax. They’re wings of words and stories, never to melt away, but to forever take us all on amazing journeys.

Come on over and check me out! I mean, my outfits, I love dressing up—my humans indulge— and I’d love seeing you at IQARUS, so we can all burn bright and fly high.

Have meownderful day!