Curling Vines & Crimson Trades by Kellie Doherty

A dark-skinned warrior kneels, holding her sword. Yellow vines wrap around her sword and curl up her body. In the background, there’s a circular window with a large glowing crescent moon. In the moon, an ethereal bushy-haired blue woman reaches out to touch the warrior’s face. The words Curling Vines & Crimson trades (the title) and Kellie Doherty (the author) are on the cover as well.
Part of the The Broken Chronicles series:

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Blurb: Rare goods trader, Orenda Silverstone leads a happy life with her wife and friends. She’s an Elu—a race whose crafting is centered on protection—but her power is broken. Now, her sword is her strength. When her wife gets kidnapped and Orenda has to use her trading skills to complete some nearly impossible tasks to get her back, a good sword arm won’t be enough. Orenda’s time is rapidly coming to a close. She needs help. But she’s been forced into silence. Two sun goddess worshippers, twins Lan and Lyra, decide to join Orenda’s quest in order to guard one of the rarer items to its destination. Orenda’s not sure she can turn her back on either one, but with no other options, she competes against the sunrises to complete her tasks before her wife is killed. Then, the unthinkable happens. Orenda’s best friend, Jax, tries to kill her. Between racing against the coming dawns and battles at every turn, Orenda’s list now seems insurmountable. No longer certain of who is friend or foe, she must come up with a plan to save them all before the sun rises on her wife’s final day.