Diamondsong by E.D.E. Bell

Diamondsong Cover: Each of the ten novellas are black, with Diamondsong across the top in a stylized white font, tinted to match a colorful icon in the center of each, surrounded by matching sparkles. The title, number, and author name are in white along the bottom.

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Blurb: Diamondsong is a unique epic fantasy saga told in ten parts. For lifetimes, the Ja-lal have prevented contact with the dangerous fairies of the forest. As tensions grow, those barriers are beginning to crumble. Blending rich worldbuilding with progressive themes, Diamondsong is a tale of power, identity, relationships—and magic.

Content warnings: This project was started in 2017. Perspectives of the time apply.

Diamondsong is generally set in a non-violent world and focuses on themes of non-violence, both physical and emotional. However it is not a fully non-violent story, in the interest of exploring those themes. There are brief acts of physical and emotional violence on and off camera, including mistreatment of babies, but I tried not to be more graphic than was necessary for the story.

The story includes mild alcohol use. A character suffers with drug addiction.

There are themes of classism, speciesism, and related brief instances of non-Earth supremacist language.

There is discussion of a past contagious disease, the pain it caused to the affected community, and how it impacted the actions of some since, including actions taken against the community of its perceived origin. This content was written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.