Earthly Pleasures by Sera Trevor

A dark haired man with a rakish grin, wearing an open shirt and high waisted breeches, lounges seductively.

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Prince Paurick is a hedonistic degenerate—or at least that’s what his father and the rest of the royal family think of him, and he’s happy to live down to their expectations. But when the crops of their kingdom start failing, the king commands that Paurick be joined to Brother Laurel, a monk, in order to combine Paurick’s royal magic with that of the Goddess and bring fertility back to the land. The union is only meant to be temporary, but Laurel is so ugly and prudish that it might as well be an eternity, as far as Paurick is concerned.

Brother Laurel nearly died in poverty as a child but was saved by a miracle from the Goddess. Now he lives a life of self-sacrifice and piety. He is honored to be selected for the fertility rite, but he has nothing but contempt for the spoiled and decadent prince. He’ll do his duty—but he will not enjoy it.

The two could not be more opposite. Can they get past their differences, or will their stubbornness doom not only the kingdom, but their own lonely hearts as well?