Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove – Anthology, edited by E.D.E. Bell

Cover Description: Dark blue cover, the title words are spaced along the length of the cover in shades of blue and green along with an old-fashioned yellow and green door handle where the door handle turns into a clock handle.

Edited by E.D.E. Bell.

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Blurb: Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove is an eclectic collection of short stories and flash fiction. Whether there’s an incident at the front desk, something not quite right with the room, a bear stopping in for a beer, or a resolute robot revolt, lives change by the minute within the grounds, rooms, and corridors of the legendary Hotel Stormcove. Lovers meet, witches gather, friends connect, and those in need always find shelter.

Series: Atthis Arts Anthologies

Content warnings: Our short story collections are specifically designed to be friendly to a wide range of audiences. This doesn’t mean that they do not contain harmful content; it means that we tried. Stories may include:

Mentions and consequences of oppressive systems (e.g. racism)
Non-explicit recounting of violence or trauma
Generally non-violent references to weapons, including guns
Life trials, sadness, illness, birth, and death
Magic that influences events without the inherent consent of all involved
Brief, non-explicit sexual mentions
Mild alcohol use