Jacob’s Ladder by Jeff Bacon

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The truth is burning him up. Can he unleash holy hell on the ultimate evil?

Lieutenant Jacob Baccus’s newly bestowed powers stoke the fires of his searing anger. Mortified that his childhood memories are all lies, the battle-hardened Iraq veteran rage-slaughters a gang of gargoyles. But in the bloody battle’s aftermath, he discovers it was all a ruse to cover the theft of a deadly ancient artifact.

Tormented by his fraying sanity, Baccus heads to Chicago to hunt down the mastermind. But when he learns his foe plans to unleash a mind-controlling drug across the planet, he’s forced to channel his fury to stop global mayhem.

Can the war-torn soldier focus his wrath in time to save the world?

The Darkside of Good: Jacob’s Ladder is the second book in the gripping Darkside of Good grim fantasy series. If you like troubled warriors, demonic conflicts, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love Jeff Bacon’s thrilling tale.

Content Warnings: Strong Language