Lord’s Dome by E.D.E. Bell

Lord's Dome Cover: The background is dark blue. The title is centered over the top half of the image in a sky blue. An ominous shape is emanating a reddish glow onto an amber arc. Under the arc, the triangular top of a building is highlighted with a touch of gold. The author's name is in the bottom right corner.

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Blurb: Gu Non couldn’t stop thinking about the magic. They’d lied to her about it. They’d lied to everyone.

Content warnings: This project was started in 2018. Perspectives of the time apply.

The world of Lord’s Dome depicts strife and poor living conditions for a society, including general abuse. One character has a lingering wound that causes her chronic pain. There are offscreen mentions of undesired, but not physically forced, sexual acts, and brief mentions of sexual harassment. There are brief instances of violence against children. There is one scene of generally torturous labor including a child. There are brief references to fire and burns against a child’s skin. There is a brief discussion of enslavement. None of the violence is drawn out or intended to be graphic.

There are brief references to deadly illness and quarantine that were written prior to the pandemic. A child deals with mental possession and hearing resultant voices, and depicts resultant mental distress. Aspects of the plot deal with related invasive emotions and could be interpreted as psychological.

The plot involves a non-Earth religion and the followers of this religion learn that aspects of their faith are untrue. God-like characters interact in unsympathetic manners and may be harmed or cause harm, including potentially disturbing references.