Quake City by St John Karp

Book Cover: Quake City by St John Karp

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Andre met his best friend Amy on a night like tonight. The way Amy tells it she had to stop him climbing over the bar at Aunty Bob's to punch the bartender, though if you ask Andre he'll say, "What? That never happened. I don't even know what you're saying to me right now."

Now Amy is worryingly missing in action, and Andre goes to Aunty Bob's on a quest to find her. The minute he walks in with his depressingly heterosexual date, his best hat is spirited away by a lesbian in the throes of breaking up with her girlfriend, then two twinks steal it from her when she picks a fight with them at the bar.

The hat makes its way around Aunty Bob's from one head to another, giving glimpses into the dozens of stories playing out at the same time, unaware of each other but colliding in catastrophic ways. Can Andre find Amy before this party devolves into a nightmare of broken hearts, malevolent drag queens, and spontaneous human combustion? Or has it always happened this way, every night, at Aunty Bob's Quake City Club?

Content warnings: Mental illness, transphobia, racism, body horror