Resurrections by Jeff Bacon

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Blurb: In Iraq, he saw his men slaughtered. They’re back to deliver him to Hell…

Lieutenant Jacob Baccus is still wrestling with his supernatural gifts. But with civilization hanging by a thread, he might be humanity’s last hope. And unless he can hunt down the mind-control drug his fiendish enemy plans to inflict on the entire population, everyone is doomed.

Already devastated by his failure to save his wife from a gruesome murder, he’s crippled by guilt when the unit he watched die returns possessed by demons. Terrified by his unreliable power and fraying sanity, he worries he may not be strong enough to avert Armageddon.

Can Baccus summon the will to defeat his worst foe yet?

The Darkside of Good: Resurrections is the third pulse-pounding book in the Darkside of Good grim fantasy series. If you like gritty fighters, high-stakes combat, and hidden agendas, then you’ll love Jeff Bacon’s wild tale.

Content Warnings: Strong Language, Gore