Sunkissed Feathers & Severed Ties by Kellie Doherty

A large black-gray tree is on the left hand side of the cover; yellow vines wrap around it. It’s nighttime, a ray of moonlight slices into the cover from the right hand side illuminating a dagger sticking out of the tree. A glowing orb dangles from the dagger. A fox-like creature sleeps tucked against the tree on a bed of green and purple grass. The words Sunkissed Feathers & Severed Ties (the title) and Kellie Doherty (the author) are on the cover as well.
Part of the The Broken Chronicles series:

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Blurb: Misti Eildelmann is a Vagari—a race whose innate crafting ability is connected to the creatures of the world. She’s also a Moon Knight. Misti is fighting a banished one when he slips a pendant around her neck that saps her strength. The pendant is dangerous. Deadly even. It harnesses crafting in a way not seen before, so she sets off to find help. Old and new friends join her on this quest, including her longtime crush DyloriClyofis and a villager named Arias Silverstone. The journey is risky—filled with frightening suncreatures, evil worshippers, and twisted betrayal. Misti is thankful to have friends on this path into the scorching light, but something much bigger is waiting for them in the sunshine. Her pendant is just a piece of the puzzle.