The Darkside of Good by Jeff Bacon

Book Cover: The Darkside of Good by Jeff Bacon
Part of the Darkside of Good series:

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Blurb: He fought for his country. Now he’s battling absolute evil.

Iraq’s bloody battlefields changed Lieutenant Jacob Baccus forever. When a cakewalk mission to loot Baghdad’s National Museum turns his entire platoon into mincemeat, his mind shatters. And with his sanity still in doubt back home, he believes his only way to redemption is to sign a binding contract as the church’s special assassin.

Shocked to learn that demons and fallen angels are real, Baccus finds himself embroiled in a brutal war that’s been raging for millennia. And unless he can take down the bad guys faster than they pop up, everyone he’s sworn to protect will die.

Will Baccus’s torment lead him down a dark path, or can he rise up as the ultimate soldier of light?

The Darkside of Good is the first book in the twisted Darkside of Good grim fantasy series. If you like tough-as-nails heroes, gory horror, and wicked humor, then you’ll love Jeff Bacon’s graphic rollercoaster ride.

Content Warnings: Strong Language, Gore