The Gatherings by Jeremy Ray

The Gatherings: An Apocalyptic Horror Short Story by Jeremy Ray. The Cover is a plant growing out of a woman's mouth

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Blurb: An Apocalyptic Horror Short Story

Celebrities, politicians, and other prominent figures put together The Gatherings, an event to be held worldwide promoting global peace.

When a friend invites Emily to one of the gatherings in a secluded apple orchard, she obliges. Sure, she is an introverted writer, but the world is so fractured that The Gatherings are something even she can get behind.

Everything is great until the dancing begins. Then it happens...

In most apocalyptic tales, the end comes by way of viral plague, world war, or robot invasion. Never in a million years could Emily imagine it would be this way.

Will Emily survive to see what happens after the end of the world?

Content Warnings: None