The Other Side of the Mirror by Jamie Sands

Two people stand together in front of a cityscape, the Auckland Sky Tower is centred. The woman on the left is caucasian with long dark hair and a serious expression, wearing a pant suit. The person on the left has brown skin, curly hair up in a ponytail and wears a leather jacket. The title reads "The Other Side of the Mirror: Detective Duarte Mysteries by Jamie Sands"
Part of the Detective Duarte Mysteries series:
  • The Other Side of the Mirror by Jamie Sands

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The case: a grandmother who vanished from a locked room.

The best lead: a psychic who’s as mysterious as she is cute.

Detective Jack Duarte is the one called upon when weird cases hit Auckland. A fierce loner with a reputation for solving the unsolvable, she is the perfect choice for the latest odd mystery: the locked-room disappearance of a beloved grandmother, who has vanished without trace and, seemingly, without suspects or a motive.

This time around, though, Jack has also been assigned a partner. The fresh young detective Piper, who has transferred in with a difficult history, is determined to prove themself. Smart, perky, and inexperienced. They are exactly the kind of partner Jack manages to scare away.

As they dig deeper into the mystery, though, Jack has to put her own reluctance in the back seat and help Piper navigate a whole different world — because the beloved grandmother has her own mysterious past, one that has already cost lives… and souls.

Content Warnings: the disappearance of a loved one, mind control