IQARUS is a non-profit event. Here are our sponsors.

Wizards in Space – A lit mag that serves as a signal boost for new and established voices.

Bay Area Queer Writers Association – Be it fantasy, mystery, general fiction, or non-fiction, they are a gathering of people who love to write and share our published works.

Atthis ArtsAn indie press out of Detroit, Michigan who honors the author’s authentic voice as the core of their projects, strives for thoughtfulness in writing and publishing, and loves to connect with their community of readers.

TheMoodyBear.com – An established and internationally recognised symbol for quality clothing and accessories.

NineStar Press – A boutique publisher of quality LGBTQA romance, erotica, and literary fiction.

Silver Dagger Tours – A passion project running author-friendly book tours in the virtual world.


wizards in space logo with an orange astronaut Atthis Arts Logo with a bird on a tree branch. Moody Bear Logo with a stylized bear head. silver-dagger logo




bay area queer writer association logo with a multi-color light waves over a dark background nine-star-press logo image with a rainbow star